Month : June 2016

Turning food waste into fertile soil 6th June, 2016

“Every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted around the world. This would be enough to feed over three billion people (almost half the world). Only one kilogram of food waste could help to grow between 10-20 kilograms of fresh food by feeding the soil instead of feeding landfills. Until we don’t remember how to appreciate the origin of our food (the soil), our attempts to solve the many social, environmental and economic problems we have will be like trying to hit a Mexican piñata blindfolded,” says Rodrigo Castellanos, Director at ZEA Hungry Goods.


Another crucial step From Paddock to Plate recognises- The buying & selling of livestock, to your local grocer. Yesterday at Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre/Sale Yards Subscribe now to From Paddock to Plate educational program for your students to embrace over 500 resources at the click of a finger & to learn more about important aspects of agriculture and food production, just like this!

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